The Level Designs of Nathaniel Stevens

Current Design Projects

"Streets Under Fire"  < click for Design Document >

 - A 3rd Person team-based, class-based, competitive online multiplayer, action shooter.

"Tower of Trials"  < click for Design Document >

 - A 3rd person action-adventure which includes light platforming, light combat, and logic puzzle-solving.

"Spies and Saboteurs"  < click for Design Document >

 - A skilled-based, team-based multiplayer, 3rd person action game.

"Private Moon"  < click for Design Document >  < click for sample of World Map >

 - A 2D suspenseful action/platformer with melee combat and metroid-like area progression.

"Shadow Closet"

 - A 3rd person psychological thriller/platformer from the perception and imagination of a traumatized child.


 - A First-Person Action game taking place during a dual invasion of Earth through the eyes of a fictional President of the United States.


 - An Economic Simulation in which the goal is to start the Apocalypse by appeasing the Four Horsemen.